Black Caps are heeeeere! It’s the very beginning of the Black Cap season and it’s definitely light picking, but I keep having customers sneak into the field anyway so we’re opening them up 😂

We currently have the following berries available for u-pick:
Raspberries: SO. MANY. RASPBERRIES. Seriously. We have Cascade Premier, Cascade Harvest, Tulameen, and the Meekers open for u-pick. (Cascade Delights are a later variety. They’re still ripening.)
Double-Gold Raspberries: open for light picking
Black Caps: open for light picking
Obsidian Blackberries: open for light picking
Strawberries: difficult picking. Fields are still open but you’ll have to hunt for fruit.

Pre-Picked Raspberries: we’ll have a limited amount available in our market this weekend. Let me be clear here: just raspberries pre-picked. (No black caps, double golds, or blackberries.) We won’t be able to pick specific varieties by request. Each morning we will assess the fields and pick whichever variety looks best. We’re also picking limited quantities with the main goal to sell out before we close for the day. So if you’re showing up later in the afternoon looking for pre-picked berries, chances are we will be sold out.
TL;DR: we will have a limited quantity of pre-picked raspberries in our market. First come, first serve.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm*
Twilight Picking: Wednesday, 5pm – 8pm*
*entry to field ends 30 minutes prior to closing
Closed every Monday
Price: on our website – link in bio

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 — at Columbia Farms U-Pick.